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Saturday, December 3, 2016
  • Bebob Zoe Zoom Control for Sony EX1/EX3

Bebob Zoe Zoom Control for Sony EX1/EX3


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Quick Overview

The Bebob Zoe-EX zoom grip features stepless zoom speed adjustment with improved characteristics. Record Start/Stop and Return functions are integrated.


The Zoe EX by Bebob is an updated version of the Zoe remote zoom control for Sony PMW-EX1 & PMW-EX3. Zoe EX offers a full range of innovative remote functions, including Variable Stepless Zoom Speed Control, Record Start/Stop Button, Return Function, & Reversible Zoom Direction, in a compact user friendly package.

Rugged Functionality
Housed in a streamlined, casing of lightweight, durable shock-resistant polycarbonate, Zoe EX adjusts zoom function through the system's innovative pressure-sensitive rocker switch. Speed of the zoom is in direct relation to the pressure applied to the control. Integrated software prevents stuttering when changing speed or direction. The result: truly stepless zooms, silky smooth ramp-up and precise manipulation, regardless of speed. Ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort and ease of use, the rocker offers three thumb positions — left, right, or center, and is capable of 133 degrees of rotation — the most offered with this type of control. This allows for greater control and more sensitive manipulation of the zoom function.

Smart Controls
The Zoe EX's controls are handily located. On top, Return Record, and Direction buttons are distinctively shaped for fast and easy touch recognition. To safeguard against dirt, rain or other environmental hazards, all controls are covered with a vinyl protective layer. Zoom ramping speed is pre-adjusted via a convenient rotating selector wheel on one side of the unit. The shape of the housing is designed to protect the wheel from damage and prevent accidental repositioning of settings. An ergonomic jack and a countersunk potentiometer avoid accidental activation.

Easy to Mount
Set up is quick and easy. The Zoe ENG's quick-release clamp attaches to tripod panhandles of up to 34mm diameter. Its 11.8" (30cm) cable extends to 35" (90cm), providing ample room between the camera and panhandle. A rugged 90 degree elbow plug connects neatly to the camera's output.