At NAB 2011, 16x9 Inc. introduced the first in their line of modular lens mount adapters. The E-mount to PL-mount adapter, called the 16x9 Cine Lens Mount, is now ready for order. The Cine Lens Mount can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the 16x9 Inc. Cine Lens Bracket, which provides support for heavier lenses on camera systems utilizing a 15mm lightweight support system.

16x9 Inc. Cine Lens Mount

The 16x9 Inc. Cine Lens Mount allows Sony E-mount cameras, such as the Sony NEX-FS100U and NEX-VG10, to use professional PL mount cinema lenses such as LeicaCarl Zeiss and Angenieux. Although Sony offers a number of E-mount lenses, most cinematographers will want to pair their favorite film or digital cinema lenses with the camera to take advantage of Sony’s newly designed Super 35mm sized digital sensor.

The Cine Lens Mount has a male E-mount on one side that attaches to the camera like a lens, and a female PL-mount on the other side to receive cinematography lenses. The critical lens mount elements are made of stainless steel in order to prevent any changes due to temperature fluctuations. Back focus adjustments can be made by using any of the four shims included with the Cine Lens Mount (0.2mm, 0.4mm, 1mm, 2mm).

The Cine Lens Mount is designed to be used with the 16x9 Cine Lens Bracket and any 15mm Mini Rod Support system when using larger lenses. The Cine Lens Mount itself only weighs 12.83 oz (364g).

16x9 Inc. Cine Lens Bracket

The 16x9 Inc. Cine Lens Bracket adds support to 16x9's Cine Lens Mount adapters by mounting directly to the 15mm rods on a lightweight support system. (Lightweight Support sold separately.)

The Cine Lens Bracket utilizes a 1/4"-20 screw to attach directly to the 16x9 Cine Lens Mount.


Product Introduction by 16x9's James Lee - Courtesy of Cinema5D

C5D NAB 2011 - Very high quality PL-mount for FS100 by 16x9 Inc. from cinema5D on Vimeo.