16x9 Inc. recently debuted the Movcam line of camera accessories, which includes baseplates, follow focuses and matteboxes for many camera packages. There are also a number of accessories designed specifically for the popular Sony PMW-F3 digital cinema camera. At the Band Pro One World Open House, 16x9 had Movcam accessories on not only the Sony PMW-F3 and NEX-FS100, but also on the new Sony F65.


16x9 Inc. Adds Movcam to its Product Line

Effective:  Immediately

(VALENCIA, Calif.,) -- 16x9 Inc., long-time distributor of quality film and video production accessories, has signed an agreement with Movcam Tech to be the exclusive distributor of Movcam camera accessories in the United States. Previously known for their camera stabilizer systems, China-based Movcam has recently expanded their offerings to include standard camera accessories and some designed specifically for the popular Sony PMW-F3 Digital Cinema Camera.

"What first caught our eye with Movcam," said 16x9 Vice President, Jeff Giordano, "was the high quality of their products, which is why we're proud to offer them with a two-year warranty. And as we have seen with their Sony F3 accessories, they are interested in creating new and innovative products, which is what 16x9 Inc. is always looking for."

Movcam's current offerings include universal products such as follow focuses and matteboxes. For the Sony F3, Movcam has developed a full package of accessories that can be built up into personalized configurations, or used individually. These include baseplates with 15mm rod support and an integrated shoulder pad, a top mount and handle to provide stability and more mounting points, and they can all be connected with side handles to create a safe, accessible cage around the camera. 16x9 Inc. will be working closely with Movcam in the next few years to design and develop even more quality products for the professional market.

PDF of full Movcam accessories product line

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