Band Pro at NAB 2011

Band Pro's Seth Emmons is interviewed by Studio Daily correspondent and Digital Cinema Society President James Mathers. Seth covers a number of products in this interview.


Seth starts of with the new Horseman TS-Pro, which is an affordable tilt and shift lens system that utilizes modular camera and lens mounts for a number of interesting combinations. Camera options include Canon, Nikon, Micro 4/3 and PL mount. Lens options include medium format lenses, such as Hasselblad, Pentax and Mamiya, full frame Canon and Nikon lenses, as well as M39 lenses such as the Rodogon Rodenstock lenses available with the TS-Pro.

Next are the Wise SxS Cards. These express cards are rated to work with all Sony cameras and are significantly more affordable the the Sony version. They also feature a mini USB port on each card for direct offload of data to a computer or editing system without the need for a costly transfer station.

Finally Seth discusses Band Pro's announcement from Monday morning of NAB that Band Pro will be selling the Epic cameras from Red Digital Cinema as packages with the Leica Summilux-C lenses. For more information on the announcement, read the full press release here.