Cine Photo Tech Sony F35 Frank Battaglia Brian McGrawThis past Super Bowl Sunday two of the Sony F35 cameras owned by Cine Photo Tech were out working on a network pilot in Atlanta. When owner Brian McGraw received a call from the production saying that one of the cameras had gone down, McGraw didn’t have many options.

“There just aren’t enough cameras out in the market right now to meet the demand for them. Even if I could have gotten a hold of another rental house to subrent from, more than likely their camera would be out shooting too.”

Instead McGraw decided to send out a red alert for help to Band Pro, where he had purchased the cameras. “I sent an urgent email to Amnon [Band, President]. If I had to send the camera to Sony for repair I could have lost a week of rental and the production would have been down to one camera. The pressure was on. I asked if there was anything they could do to help.

“Right away I received a reply from Amnon and he scrambled the troops. Band Pro Tek engineer Mike Metzo called within the hour to diagnose the problem. When Mike determined that the camera would need service, Vincent [Barton, Band Pro Tek Service Manager] drove to the office, turned the lights on, put together a loaner F35 package, personally drove it across town to LAX, and got it on the next plane out. All on Super Bowl Sunday. The loaner camera arrived in Atlanta late that night and was out on the job the next morning. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”

On Monday McGraw shipped his F35 overnight to Band Pro Tek, which is an authorized Sony Service Center . They were able to provide the necessary fixes and turned it around in one day. Other than the half-day on Sunday, the production never missed a beat.

To McGraw, this level of service and support has proved invaluable. “During the camera purchase process Band Pro said that they would back me up in case of an emergency, and that can be an easy thing to say, but I was amazed by this experience. It felt good to receive such support, and just as important, it made me look good in front of my client. How has this affected my business? What can I say? I can sleep at night.”