Welcome to Band Pro’s NAB Information Hub. Here you’ll find all the products that Band Pro is showing at NAB 2012, as well as some videos and links to our partners’ websites. Many of the products have literature that can be downloaded and all of the product pages have Request a Quote buttons for contacting our Sales Department.

Featured Products

Sony F65
The Sony F65 has become one of the hottest new cameras to hit the production market in recent months. As one of the only F65 resellers in the country we have been leading the education of customers and users in the production market. At the booth we’re showing the F65 built up for full cine production, as well as a run-and-gun style. For technical and equipment setup documentation, visit our F65 Tech Hub.


Footage from Hawaii Demo
Ka Huaka’i o Ka F65 (The Journey of the F65)

When we decided to create our own Sony F65 demo reel for NAB we wanted to find a way to challenge the camera and capture some beautiful imagery. We hooked up with Director/DP Ruben Carrillo in Hawaii and spent a week with a helicopter flying around the islands and pushing the F65 to its limits. And it held up beautifully.

We are screening the finished 4K reel at NAB on a TVLogic 4K monitor in our booth (C10308). The footage is also being projected at the Sony 4K Cinema on their 4K monitors. Below is Part One of a behind-the-scenes video taken during the Hawaiian shoot. Part Two will be coming soon and the finished footage will be online as well.


F65 Workflow Demonstration
One of our most important features of our NAB booth is our F65 Workflow demonstration. Along with our workflow partners Codex, Colorfront and CinePostproduction, we are showing a full workflow that includes: capture, offload, on-set back up, on-set coloring, and iPad dailies.

Shoot & Offload Station
We’ll have an F65 set up ready to capture footage. The footage is then offloaded using an SRPC-4 and a laptop.

On-set back up and deliverables
Our next station features the new Vault from Codex Digital. The Vault takes Sony SRMemory cards, Codex Datapacks, Codex Transfer Drives, Alexa SxS cards and more and streamlines the workflow on-set.· The modular Vault can also include units of 8TB of storage and dual-LTO drives for immediately creating back up copies.

Dailies and 4K playback
The next stop in the workflow trail is Colorfront’s On-Set Dailies system. With On-Set Dailies a production can directly ingest data from the SRMemory cards and do quick on-set color correction. The system also has the ability to do live playback of material at the native 4K resolution.

iPad Dailies
Our final stop is CinePostproduction and their iPad app called Copra. Copra allows for streaming dailies over WiFi and 3G. But more than that, it also gives directors, producers, cinematographers, and the like the ability to annotate the footage. They can draw on an area to highlight coloring issues, add written and verbally recorded notes, and collaborate in real-time with others in the production chain.


New Leica Lenses and Leica Delivery
At NAB we are introducing two new focal lengths of the Leica Summilux-C lenses, a 29mm and a 65mm. Like the other 8 lenses in the Summilux-C family, these new lenses are T1.4 and feature the same lightweight and compact form factor.

Also, on Monday afternoon at the show we will be delivering the first set of Leica Summilux-C lenses to a Band Pro customer in the United States. CAMTEC, a Burbank-based rental house serving the motion picture industry, will be adding the Summilux-C lenses to their existing collection of modern and vintage lenses.


Band Pro NewFinder
Band Pro created the NewFinder EVF, the industry’s first 1920 x 1080 viewfinder, because higher resolution cameras deserve a higher resolution viewfinder. The NewFinder uses an analog connection to many of the industry’s most popular cameras, including Sony, Red, Arri, and Phantom.


Codex Digital Onboard S Recorder
At NAB Codex Digital introduced their new HD-SDI recorder, the Onboard S. The new recorder is compact and records to high capacity drives in either uncompressed or wavelet compression. It is a perfect companion for small, HD-SDI cameras when users want to record a higher data rate.


Alphatron EVF

Utilizing the same resolution screen as the iPhone 4, the new Alphatron EVF is a much-anticipated viewfinder for both HD-SDI and HDMI cameras. The Alphatron viewfinder also features an HDMI in/HD-SDI out conversion.


Sony NEX-FS700
The recently announced Sony NEX-FS700 builds on the success of the compact NEX-FS100 by maintaining the same small form factor but upgrading the sensor to a new 4K sensor (outputting HD), built-in ND filters, and an 3G HD-SDI output for monitoring or internal recording. The FS700 also has the ability to shoot up to 240 fps at full resolution in short bursts.

Sony PMW-100
Sony’s PMW-100 brings 50Mbps recording to the camcorder form factor. With many of the same features as the PMW-500, this 1/2.9” sensor camera meets the specifcations of most news organizations while allowing the cameraperson to maintain a low profile.


Movcam Accessories
16x9 Inc. introduced a number of new products from rising accessory manufacturer Movcam. One of the stars of the show is the new accessory line built exclusively for the Sony NEX-FS700. Keep an eye on our website for the product pages which will be up soon.