Buy your equipment anyplace else, you get a box, a receipt, and you're on your own. 

That's not how it works at Band Pro.

Part of our ongoing commitment to our clients is the Band Pro Tech Check.  When you buy here, a qualified professional from Band Pro's Technical Services team will work with you to make sure your new equipment works flawlessly, and fits your production needs, before you walk out the door.

Jeff Cree, SOC, Band Pro's Vice President of Technical Services

Whether you need professional cameras, lenses, monitors, support, lighting, or any of the products carried by Band Pro worldwide, Tech Check is our commitment that your new gear will meet your needs and perform as expected.

Randy Wedick, Band Pro Technical Consultant

There's a lot of places out there to buy production equipment, but there's only one that cares enough to make sure you get what you need.  

Ask any Band Pro client how we do business and see what they say.  Better yet, give us a call and find out for yourself.