Sony F35 on the TV show BonesWhen the network asked cinematographer Gordon Lonsdale to take the hit series Bones to HD, he thoguht that the Sony F35s he could get from Otto Nemenz would be the best full-frame digital cameras for the job. To confirm his choice, Lonsdale turned to Band Pro's Jeff Cree.


“We talked about how the F35 processed information and how it could see beyond the visible spectrum of light that would, on occasion, let us see into the ultra violet areas,” explains Lonsdale. “We also talked about gain control, the dynamic range we could use without the need of ND filters as well as the gamma curves.” Once the show was up and running, Londsdale’s choice of camera was confirmed. “The F35 gives us a beautiful negative,” he explains. “I need a raw image that I can work with in telecine. The F35 does that. There is a great deal of latitude and I’m not worried about shooting in direct sunlight or going on location at night with the camera. I love the F35 for Bones. It is the only camera that is light sensitive enough to work on our sets and it is fast to use. With the F35, I am able to save more than 20 thousand a week on my lighting budget and retain the look of the show.”