C-Motion Lens Control Systems are available now from Band Pro.

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The Expandable Budget LCS From C-Motion:

Compact LCS provides affordable quality, functionality and reliability. Available in 3 ready-to-use packages (1, 2 and 3 motor), compact LCS offers precise control for up to 3 motors in wireless or hardwired configurations through the ergonomic and easy-to-use hand unit. The unique cforce motors provide outstanding performance through their smart and unrivalled daisy-chain technology. With a wide selection of power supply cables and optional run/stop control for all of today's popular cameras, compact LCS is the smart choice.

 Compact and lightweight interface box

Compact Camin
Length 100 mm (<4”)
Width 58 mm (approx. 2 ¼”)
Depth 23 mm (<1”)
Weight 156 g (5 1/2 oz)


The compact camin is a small and lightweight wireless box that can be mounted anywhere on or near the camera. Using just 3 connectors, the compact camin provides an interface for:


> Power
> Control for up to 3 motors
> Universal interface for camera run/stop control for today's popular cameras.

Ergonomic hand unit with control for up to 3 motors

Constructed using quality materials and available in ergonomic configurations for either right or left handed operators, the compact LCS hand unit breaks the mould with its integrated 2.3” color screen capable of displaying data and menu options even in direct sunlight. Thoughtfully laid out function buttons make navigating the menu settings quick and easy.


Intelligent motors with daisy-chain technology

The cforce motors supplied with each compact LCS system offer daisy-chain technology through their unique twin connectors. And, while being virtually silent at less than 20 dB, run as fast as any top end motor in the market. Developed in collaboration with ARRI, cforce motors offer a variety of flexible mounting options.

Additionally, cforce motors can also be use in various cabled configurations where the set-up is powered directly through one of the motor connectors and is controlled by or through one of the following cmotion components:


> ENG-adapter for Canon, Fujinon or Angenieux broadcast controllers

> Cvolution knob solo

> Pan-bar zoom



Automatic and manual calibration options

With the compact LCS you can select you preferred motor calibration process. The system offers automatic calibration for either individual or all connected motors, plus a quick and easy manual calibration for lenses which do not have mechanical end stops. Either way, compact LCS is ready to shoot within seconds.


Run/stop control for most cameras

As with all cmotion systems, compact LCS offers wireless run/stop control for all popular cameras including ARRI, Red, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic. A detailed list of compatible camera and their corresponding cables can be found in the cmotion cable guide available to download from the cmotion homepage.


Cworld compatibility

With the introduction of compact LCS lens data, the popular cworld is now fully compatible with compact LCS.

cworld allows you to:


> Create accurate focus, iris and zoom data for virtually and individual lens

> Store up to 15 lenses on any compact LCS hand unit (optional activation key required)

> Display focus, iris, zoom and depth of field lens data in real-time

> Display focus, iris, zoom and depth of field data on any smart device

> Control any motor directly from your smart device touch screen when using cworld’s lens info app


For example, the DP or DIT can control the iris motor without the need for a second wireless hand control. This unique feature is compatible with compact LCS and the cvolution system.


Store and display real-time lens data

With the latest compact LCS firmware, it is possible to create accurate lens data for virtually any lens and display it on any new or existing compact LCS hand unit. Using cworld, a web enabled smart device, and the compact LCS hand unit, operators can create accurate, individual lens files by assigning digital motor positions to each lens value. Then, up to 15 individual lens files can be transferred from the cworld and saved within the hand unit's internal memory. Once completed, each lens file can be loaded direct from the hand unit's lens menu and display real-time focus, iris zoom and even depth of field data in either imperial or metric scales. (activation key required).



5 new color themes to optimize compact LCS display

5 new color themes have been developed to enhance the compact LCS display for day and night operation.

Technical Specs:

Compact camin
Length 100 mm (<4”)
Width 58 mm (approx. 2 ¼”)
Depth 23 mm (<1”)
Weight 156 g (5 1/2 oz)

RS (fi 3p)
EXT (fi 10p)
LBUS (le 4p)

On/Off switch
Channel selection (rotary switch)

Cforce motors
Weight 323 g (11 3/8 oz) incl. standard clamp and gear
Rotations Per Second: 1.9 RPS at 12V or 3 RPS at 19V or higher

Hand unit
Weight 707 g (25 oz) incl. battery
Focus knob
Cforce sensitive joystick
Rocker switch

2.4 Ghz (8 channels)
Up to 100 m (300 ft) outdoors; 30 m (100 ft) indoors