Now that the Sony F65 cameras have begun to hit the streets, there are a lot of questions about working with this totally new and very powerful system. On these pages we'll be providing technical setup and workflow information to our customers. Why? Because, we're Band Pro. That's what we do.

This page will feature information about how to setup and configure the Sony F65 camera, recording, off-loading, data management, and workflow. We have an ongoing testing protocol which means that new information will become available all the time. We will send out emails to our customers when we add a significant new item, but be sure to check back regularly as well.

Technical Resources and How-To's

Latest Updates

F65RAW Viewer (V0.97 Beta) now available for download for MAC or PC and features the new S-Log2 gamma curve!
··· *last updated 3/7/2012

V1.10 firmware upgrade for SR-PC4 now available for download
··· *last updated 3/7/2012


Setting Up the Sony SR-PC4

Primer for Setting Up the Sony SR-PC4 and Choosing a Connection/Transfer Protocol
·· *last updated 2/2/2012

How to Setup the Sony SR-PC4 for eSATA Transfer and How to Transfer Files
·· *last updated 2/2/2012

How to Setup the Sony SR-PC4 for Ethernet Transfer (1GbE and 10GbE) and How to Transfer Files
·· *last updated 2/2/2012


Miscellaneous Resources

Sony F65 Operation Manual (PDF) (3.71MB)

Sony's F65REMOTE iPad app available for download from the Apple iTunes Store
··· *(Sony is working on an Android app and expects to have it ready in April or May)



On our F65 Videos page we will be sharing material shot with the Sony F65. This will include demo footage shot by Band Pro, but what we really want to see are videos from other F65 users. Upload your videos to Vimeo or YouTube and let us know. We'll gladly include them in this collection.


F65 Educational Opportunity Presented by Sony Pictures Studios

Beginning in March Sony Pictures Studios will be hosting workshops on the Sony F65 camera system and accompanying workflow. These workshops will take participants all the way through the camera's 4K workflow, from capture and on-set practices to dailies and post production.
Full press release available here.