Creating fine art using dance as a kinetic medium, 'Choreography Diagrams' captures the creative process of choreographer Eno Peci and artist Casanova Sorolla. Utilizing dancers of the Vienna State Ballet together with a specially prepared dance floor/canvas, 'Choreography Diagrams' gives us an inside look at the creation of this 2014 painting 'Herzblume'.

Choreography Diagrams from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.

Choreographer: Eno Peci

Artist: Casanova Sorolla

Cinematographers: Matthias Meissi, Christoph Tilley, Camillo Foramitti, Peter Hochhauser

Technical Assistance Provided by: Band Pro / Vojtech Pokorny, Randy Wedick

Dancers: Dagmar Kronberger, Masayu Kimoto, Alice Firenze, Mischa Sosnovski, Greig Matthews, Suzanne Kertész, Davide Dato and Flavia Shishov

Cameras: Sony F65, Sony F55, Canon C500

Lenses: Leica Summicron-C primes, Canon zooms

Lighting: Fill-Lite

(c) 2014 Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc.