Cinetech dollies represent the next phase in dolly evolution.  Made in Italy and built to last, each Cinetech dolly was designed to be the lightest, most versatile dolly available in the industry today.  Fits where others don't, and easily loaded & unloaded with 2 men. 

Durable, Affordable, Practical.  Why pay forever?

Sleek Design, Lightweight and Easy to Use, Clients Love It!”- Michael Liman / LVR, New York, NY

Imagecraft is looking forward to adding the Capinera line of dollies to our rental inventory”- Jason Been / Imagecraft, Los Angeles, CA

Call your Band Pro Salesperson and see the difference for yourself.  Cinetech has a dolly ready to match your shooting needs.  Demos and try-and-buy appointments are available, first come first served. 

Call 1-888-BAND-PRO or email


Combines saftey, freedom, smaller footprint and a lightweight design allowing you to reach as many locations as possible.  Weighing in at only 185 lbs, but retaining the stability and smoothness of heavier dollies. Combined skate/pneumatic wheel system provides maximum versatility.

Super Falcon II

Designed for great stability, manuverability, and versatility.  Offers Crab, Round & Conventional steering modes.  Vertical lift maintains precise camera alignment through the full range of arm motion.



Designed with a responsive valve system, dolly movement is incredibly steady and smooth.  Characterized by great stability; arm movement reaches a max height of 46 inches.


Super Hawk II

Designed with the latest technology in structural materials & surface finishes, and thoroughly tested to ensure accurate and reliable operation.  Dolly arm supports a robust 175 lb lifting capacity, and allows operator to work in very low positions with the 90 degree accessory plate.

Sea Gull

A streamlined, mobile hydraulic arm that can be mounted on a stable flat platform.  Weighs in at a slim 72 lbs and built for maximum portability and assembly speed.


Provides a stable, lightweight platform for the tightest spaces.  Flexible design supports 4 wheel or 3 wheel operation.  The ultimate streamlined dolly solution.