Codex Software UpgradeARRIRAW is coming and Codex Digital is ready. Today they've released the new version software builds for their full product line that enables the full interactivity and recording capabilities of the Arri Alexa's ARRIRAW format.

Codex products that have new software builds ready for download include:

Codex Onboard Recorder
Codex Desktop Transfer Station
Codex Digital Lab
Codex Studio Recorder



CHANGES IN VERSION 2011.r1.2100 (Feb. 4, 2011)

New Onboard features
* Support for Alexa V3 firmware RC1 / RC2 / RC3 metadata
* Duplicate 422 video output option
* Onboard controller UI layout and naming changes.
* Show audio mute on controller
* Show varispeed status on controller
* Show D21 high-speed mode in video format on transport screen
* Separate brightness for screen, Onboard and Controller rings

General new features
* Transform function now allows altering of shots' aspect ratios
* Make clone the default copy mode.
* New default layout for Project page.
* Change DoP to DP as acronym for Directory of Photography as more prevalent.
* 3D MXF default to side by side style. Use sysconfig “OverUnder3DMXFs” to use over under.
* Move buttons for datapack operations to below datapacks on Storage Tab.
* Support for Alexa V3 firmware RC1 / RC2 / RC3 metadata
* Global filter for VFS configurations. If present this is 'and-ed' with each file type's own filter.
* Change defaults for new VFS configuration's illegal chars and replace character.
* Rename VFS button “clear all” to “delete all”, make red and move position.
* Set default Production Name to Codex if none.
* Default settings changed and UI tweaks for clarity and consistency.
* Playback single channel from a multi-video channel shot.
* Update shot metadata from camera whilst in E-to-E.

The following companies currently offer Codex products for rental on feature films, commercial and episodic television work: 

Cine Photo Tech
Atlanta, GA

Clairmont Camera
Hollywood, CA - Toronto & Vancouver, Canada

Congo Films
Bogota, Colombia

Evergreen Films
Los Angeles, CA - Anchorage, AK 

Otto Nemenz
Los Angeles, CA

Burbank, CA

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA


Digital Film Central
Vancouver, BC

Burbank, CA

Scarab Digital
Los Angeles, CA - Vancouver, BC - Beijing, China

Sony Pictures
Culver City, CA

Tunnel Post
Santa Monica, CA