CueScript's Michael Acardi Reviews Orca Bags

Launched at NAB 2014, Cuescript provides creative teleprompting hardware and software solutions for broadcast production.  In our line of work, having a reliable prompter monitor case is critical.  Another company that premiered at NAB this year was ORCA Bags. 

ORCA’s President, Ofer Menashe, was kind enough to loan us one of their new bag designs to see how it functioned as a prompter monitor case.  At NAB, Cuescript received a request from a producer who needed to use our prompter equipment for a critical shoot he had that evening. We agreed to help, and started running to get it organized.

I can tell you first hand, that the ORCA case was perfect. It allowed us to pack the prompter monitor, lap top and all the required cables quickly and securely. To our delight the shoot went off without a hitch and all our equipment came back without a scratch. No question about it, the ORCA case did a great job protecting our gear while being extremely functional. Since that trip I have been to the UK, Ottawa, Toronto, & NYC, each time taking that same case with me.  My prompting gear has survived the multiple baggage check experiences at each flight, and come out the other side ready to get the job done.  We couldn't ask for more.

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