DP Dan Kneece on shooting the feature film 'Courting Chaos'

I had wanted to work with the Canon C300 since its introduction, but I hadn't had the chance until director Alan Clay approached me with his feature film, Courting Chaos. This was an unconventional film that required a small crew and footprint since we were shooting on the Venice Boardwalk on a very limited permit.

The size and image quality of the C300 were great assets in our decision to go with the camera. Alan wanted the movie to be hand held which was perfect for this camera as it is small and light. Band Pro was essential in getting us two cameras from Canon and outfitting them for our show.

We put the "B" camera on a conventional hand held rig and the "A" camera was mounted in a Fig Rig to allow the hand held look while giving incredible freedom of movement. The C300s proved to be bulletproof working well in any lighting conditions from low light to high contrast sunsets. The images were stunning.

The Fill-Lite is an amazing lighting instrument. The prototype I used was daylight balanced, drew very little power, was completely dimmable with no color shift and a joy to use. Mixed with HMI lighting the Fill-Lite blended beautifully with a lovely soft quality of light that was still very powerful.

We added a bit of orange gel and the Fill-Lite mixed seamlessly with our tungsten sources and was light enough for our 1st AD to hold on her lap for one scene in a small Venice Beach apartment. Also the Fill-Lite is so thin it can fit in very confined spaces where other lights of this power can't. I really love the Fill-Lite.

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