Band Pro sat down with David Miller, ASC to catch up on his latest projects, and see what he thought of Mitomo's True ND Filters.  For more on David's work, check out his IMDB page here.

I just wrapped The Newsroom for Aaron Sorkin on HBO and the next day began prepping the sixth and final season of Parenthood for NBC.

I had become unhappy with my current set of ND and really didn't ever want to go beyond .6 because the color shift when I would look at the Sony oled monitor I use on set would drive me crazy. I knew I could bring it back in timing but the shift was just so drastic with the .9 and 1.2 that I had given up on using them. I read about True ND Filters and saw that you guys were the ones who had them and had my assistant call Band Pro. You had them to me the next day!

The first day I used them was in a breakfast scene with Olivia Munn in downtown LA doubling for Wall Street. Lots of window's with natural light that I rounded out with a couple of 18k's and 2 4k Arri Pars with chimera that were hung in the ceiling. With the 800 ASA of the Alexa I was up to about an 11 on the Ang 12 to 1. I was shooting 3 cameras all with 12 to 1s but only one set of the filters. The difference was drastic. No color shift on the monitor, nice sharp image. I tend to shoot rec 709 without any LUT and the picture was just perfect, I was sold.

I can honestly say the results were great. When I work I'm always trying to simplify, simplify, simplify. With the lighting, with the gear, I don't want the tech to drive the creative. I want something that works and gives great results and these filters do just that.

As to the next project, I'll be on Parenthood until the end of the year and then I believe back to HBO for something else. We will just have to see!