“Kickstart Theft” is a 7-minute movie-trailer/narrative short commissioned by Band Pro Film & Digital. Frederic Goodich, ASC directed. Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC was cinematographer, Gib Jaffe, ACE edited. “Kickstart Theft” premiered at IBC and Cinec 2012.

The story is inspired by Vittorio de Sica’s neo-realist film 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948), shot in bleak black-and-white by Carlo Montuori. For “Kickstart Theft”, Vilmos Zsigmond used a Sony F65 for the first time, with Leica Summilux-C primes and a Canon 30-300 zoom.

The film was made possible thanks to sponsorship support from Sony, Leica, Canon, Tiffen, Nila, Anton Bauer, OConnor, and TV Logic.

Kick Start Theft from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.