Five Lens Set of Leica Summilux-C Prime Lenses has arrived and is available for Demo!

Leica Summilux-C Prime Cine Lenses

Band Pro has received the first official demo set, comprised of 8 focal lengths (18, 21, 25, 35, 40, 50, 75 and 100mm). We will be scheduling demonstrations of the lenses for interested companies and individuals over the next two weeks. The lenses will be available for testing on cameras and will also be projecting the lenses for resolution and field evaluation.

If you are interested in visiting us in Burbank or New York during our demonstration period, drop us a line at or give us a call at the office nearest to you.

Burbank: +1 (818) 841-9655
New York: +1 (212) 227-8577

To see the footage, visit our Vimeo page .

Visit the Leica Summilux-C Product Page for more information on the lenses.