Leica Summilux-C w/ Randy Wedick from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.

Shot in Uncompressed 1080p on a Sony F35. Band Pro's technical consultant Randy Wedick took the Leica Summilux-C lenses out to San Francisco & Sonoma to test them out.

This piece shows a wide variety of lighting conditions, particularly very strong backlight and other scenes where you would expect and encounter flare. Many shots are made at T/1.4 or T/2 (with the help of Tiffen NDIR filters in strong daylight). Beautiful edge to edge sharpness and the hard to describe "Leica look" really come through.

Special thanks to Joel K & Vanessa for setting up the incredible Scribe Winery location.

Music is A Walk In The Park by Beach House. Available on iTunes here bit.ly/?cXSLVr

**Due to the highly compressed nature of footage displayed by Vimeo, it is recommended that the higher resolution version be downloaded for more critical viewing. The high quality version is available to Vimeo members via a link on the Vimeo source page.**

More information on the demo shoot can be found in the official press release.

For technical details about the Leica Summilux-C lenses, or to request more information, visit the product page.