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iOS compatible USB Charger

Available now from Band Pro.  Call us at 1-888-BAND-PRO or email sales@bandpro.com for more information.

Have you ever been on set running desperately low on power for your iPhone or iPad?  Sure you have. Yet surrounding you are vast amounts of camera batteries that you can not connect to.

Introducing one of Lentequip's hottest new products, the iOS compatible P-Tap USB charger. We've created a ultra high efficient power supply which will enable you to fast charge all your devices in no time. This small gadget will allow you to connect to any input voltage ranging from 8-32 volts and will output a highly regulated 5V with a maximum current of 2 Amps meaning a fast charge. The input of the charger is reverse polarity protected and fused while the output is not only short circuit protected, but also incorporates a safety clamping circuit to ensure that your devices remain safe. A green LED indicates that the output voltage is present and can be seen through the translucent enclosure which measures only 60mm(l) x 35mm(w) x 15mm(h).  The flexible Canare cable connected to the P-Tap is 20 cm long. The USB charger is also available with a 3 pin Fischer connector for use on Arri R/S accessory outputs as well as a variety of XLR connector configurations.

Use this device to charge your iOS or 5V compatible devices or even your RED remote! Even use it to power your GoPro from much higher capacity batteries.  Special thanks to Bryan Trieb, Steadicam operator extraordinaire for the great idea, hence the BT (for Bryan Trieb) and the 2000 for the 2000mA max charging current. Completely designed,machined and assembled in Canada!