Sony F35When New York-based Lost Highway Films realized that 25 percent of their commercial client base was moving toward the digital world, producer Marc Rosenberg and his partners immediately contacted Eric Schietinger at TCS for advice.

“TCS had just purchased the new Sony F35 cameras from Band Pro, Los Angeles, and we immediately got excited about it,” says Rosenberg. The camera seemed perfect for client Fisher Price Toys.

The ability to use the same lenses as a film camera, the buttoned-up design with fewer cables and the camera’s all round ergonomics sold the spot’s director Doug Coleman. The job required close-ups of table-top models of various dolls, toys and accessories, often handheld by child talent.

“That meant capturing a lot of depth-offield,” says Rosenberg. “Doug mounted the camera as if he were doing a film shoot, using a jib arm and cross beam with an underslung camera head, using both Angenieux Optimo zoom and Zeiss prime lenses.” Since the Fisher Price job, Rosenberg and company has produced several more commercials with the F35. “The F35’s imagery and lenses have more depth-of-field and dynamic imagery than most HD cameras out there. It is constantly delivering the beautiful images that our clients want.”