CW Sonderoptic manufactures some of the world's finest lenses: the Leica Summilulx-C. With the release of the highly anticipated Summilux-C PL Mount cine style lenses, nearly the entire cinema production world wanted a set! Owning the highest quality optics mankind produces with blistering low light sensitivity (T1.3) has a corresponding price point.

CW is now proud to announce the upcoming release of a more affordable, slightly slower lens (still at a T2.0!) that will enable a broader range of digital cinema camera owners the opportunity to own these prestigious lenses.

CW Sonderoptic's Managing Director, Gerhard Baier, discusses the new lens line and a shares a few announcements about some welcome additions to the existing Summilux-C line as well.

CW Sonderoptic > Leica Summilux-C from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.