Cineroid HDMI Electronic ViewfinderThe Cineroid EVF is a first-of-its-kind electronic viewfinder designed to work with many of today’s popular cameras that either because of size or feature requirements do not incorporate a full-featured viewfinder. DSLR cameras, such as the Canon 5D Mk II and Canon 7D, are limited either to the optical viewfinder or the Live Mode view screen on the back of the camera body. Newer prosumer/professional cameras such as the Sony PMW-F3 and Panasonic AF-100 also offer limited viewing options. For a traditional cinematographer the location and the quality of these options leave much to be desired.

Enter the Cineroid EVF. This battery-powered, feature-rich viewfinder provides an ideal solution for many modern cameras the lack a professional viewfinder. And, in response to increased on-set monitoring needs and fewer available camera output options, the Cineroid EVF can include an HDMI Loop Through ability, allowing simultaneous use of a larger reference monitor that can prevent crowding around the camera. The EVF is compact, lightweight and comes with a full compliment of accessories allowing it to go to work right out of the box without the need for any other bits and pieces.

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