Vanja Cernjul Nurse Jackie Sony F35New York, New York. October 2009. When cinematographer Vanja Cernjul got together with New York-based rental house TCS to prep the new season of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, the team chose to pair the Sony F35 camera with the OB-1 and FlashMag from S.two.

“When we started prep for season two of the series, our DIT Nick Kay suggested we use the OB-1 and FlashMag on our F35 cameras,” says Cernjul. “It may be representing a new turning corner in camera acquisition.

“We now use these units for wireless acquisition solutions in tandem with IDX custom wireless Cam-Wave HD systems, for all Steadicam and breakaway shots, to allow for a lightweight camera body, and magazine-based workflow for assistants to handle,” he explains.

“Currently, the method of acquisition relies mainly on laying back to tape with an additional OB-1 unit. The unit’s record time of 30 minutes per magazine is a great improvement from the past 10 minute record time and more drastic mag rotation needed in older generation solid-state recorders.

“The most important benefits of the unit are that it acquires DPX file sequences directly to the magazine, which, hopefully soon, can be played out to fit many different future post scenarios.

“The system has been a great help with getting the cameras un-cabled and closer to a fully wireless system, to allow us the freedom of movement that this series needs.”