Odyssey7Q Firmware 1.11.100 Released
Today Convergent Design releases a firmware update for the Odyssey7Q. This release adds features, improves old functions and fixes several issues.

Highlights of the firmware update include:

New Features (All Modes)
• Pixel Zoom memory
When using Pixel Zoom, the screen coordinates in 1:1 and 2:1 zoom modes are remembered from previous use. Drag with finger on OLED display to position zoom window. Window will return to same position upon returning to Pixel Zoom setting. Reset zoom window to center by tapping frame reference map in lower right corner. Coordinates retained until changing record mode or powering down Odyssey7Q.

• Multi-Stream switching
Multi-Stream interface updated with A/B/C/D input selector buttons. Multi-Stream initializes in Quad Split view (display divided into four separate images). Tap A, B, C, or D buttons to select a single input for full screen display. Inputs can be directly switched to by selecting the corresponding button without need to scan through other inputs. To return to Quad Split view, tap on the currently selected input to de-select it.

Sony FS700 Record Option
FS700 4K->HD ProRes (4K2HD)
• 4K2HD in REC709 (800%)
Added support for REC709 (800%) gamma setting. On FS700, in Picture Profile menu, select a PP with Gamma set to ITU709(800%). This setting increases Dynamic Range in highlights by three stops.
• 4K2HD LUTs
Added LUT function in 4K2HD mode. If S-LOG2 or REC709 (800%) is selected as camera gamma, tapping LUT button applies a LUT to adjust viewed image to a standard REC709 without altering the recording. LUT is applied to the OLED display as well as SDI and HDMI outputs.

Fixes & Improvements

• Fixed support for PSF input signals (1080psf 23.976/24/25/29.97)

• Fixed “Variframe mode detected” compatibility issue with Canon C300

• Reduced color fringing at high contrast edges
• Reduced noise in dark areas

ProRes(HQ) & 4K2HD
• Fixed playback issues

To download this Firmware Update, click ** here **