oOtto Nemenz Sony F35Band Pro is pleased to announce that renowned rental house Otto Nemenz International has taken delivery of ten new Sony F35 cameras.

The F35 CineAlta camera system captures "10-bit"; and "1 to 50fps" 4:4:4 images from a single Super 35 size sensor at variable frame rates from 1-50fps. The sensor size allows cinematographers to use familiar and comfortable 35mm PL mount optics.

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Otto Nemenz International is known throughout the industry for supplying the highest quality motion picture cameras and equipment available. Company president Otto Nemenz explains, “With the help of our friends at Band Pro, we're finally making the move to high definition. When they showed us the Sony F35 camera, we knew it was time. We take pride in offering our clients only the best products. The F35, together with our existing cine Cooke, Angenieux, and Zeiss PL mount lenses, gives us a system we're proud to put our name on.”

With offices in Burbank, New York, Tel Aviv and Munich, Band Pro Film & Digital is one of the most recognized suppliers of high definition equipment from Sony cameras to lenses, audio, power supplies, lighting and more.