Introducing the Sony F65. Pre-order now!

Pre-order Your Sony F65 Camera Package Today

Band Pro is now accepting pre-orders for the new Sony F65 digital cinema camera. With Sony's F65 Introductory Pack you can be one of the first to get their new 4K camera when it starts shipping in January 2012. And, with the full compliment of accessories that are included in the pack price of $85,000 you'll be ready to shoot 16-bit 4K footage out of the box.

The Sony F65 Introductory Pack* includes:

  • Sony F65 Camera Body with Mechanical Rotary Shutter
  • Sony HDVF-C30RW Color Viewfinder
  • Sony SR-R4 Digital Recorder
  • 1x Sony 256S55MB SRMemory Card
  • Sony SR-PC4 Data Transfer Unit

The Sony F65 camera utilizes an 8K digital sensor to generate a next generation 4K image. Because the F65 sensor has more color sites than any other professional digital camera, it is capable of capturing more color information and can deliver a wider color gamut than film. It offers 14 stops of dynamic range and is capable of frame rates from 1 - 120 fps. The Rotary Shutter is a mechanical shutter upgrade for the camera that will eliminate the rolling shutter effect common in many other digital sensors. SRMemory conforms to the Academy's ACES-IFF Workflow and will be supported by a full compliment of providers, including Adobe, AJA, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Colorfront, Quantel, Vegas and more.

Visit our Sony F65 Product Page. Contact us today to reserve your camera.

*The Introductory Offer on the Sony F65 at the package price of $85,000 is only good on orders placed through December 2011. Pricing will increase for all orders placed on or after January 1, 2012. From now until December 31, 2011, only orders for the Introductory Pack are being accepted. Orders for individual items will begin in 2012.