The results are in from the 2013 Salt III High Speed Lens Shootout. This project was a coordinated effort between Matt Hayslett, Will Keir, Phil Holland, Matt Uhry, Matthew Duclos, Jeff Whitehurst, Evin Grant, Ryan Patrick O’Hara, Luke Edwards, and Charlie Pickle; with the purpose of directly comparing lens sets on an identical setup. The goal was not to “test” the lenses to say which was best overall, but rather to provide comparison data to help individual DPs decide what would work best for their specific shoot.

Here's a run down of what lenses were used:

- Zeiss Master Prime
- Zeiss Super Speed MKII
- Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed
- Leica Summilux-C
- Canon CN-E
- Canon K-35
- Illumina S35
- Optica Elite S35 Digital

Check out the complete set of image comparisons and read the full article here.