Solid Grip Systems (SGS) manufactures aluminum precision tracks for both the film and television industries.  SGS also manufactures the Truss-Dolly-System along with all of its accompanying accessories. These precision track profiles are not adapted from the printing or manufacturing industry, but were specifically designed for the weight of film equipment.

SGS products are currently used by rental-houses, grips and owner-operators. SGS maintains an open communication with them regarding the quality and the maintenance of their items. This is a product designed by grips, for grips.  SGS knows the business and how it works, and what it takes to get the job done right.

Solid Grip Systems are currently being utilized by CineMoves, Aerocrane, TelescopicCameraCranes, Service Vision, ShadowCastPictures, Ultra Systems UK, and Motion Control Europe.

Key Features:

  • Extendable, hard anodized aluminum track design.
  • Manufactured to be both lightweight and to provide maximum durability through designed extrusion.
  • Innovative Bartrak design with built-in slider lock to prevent camera & slider from tipping over.
  • Track joints are made from stainless steel with an H7H8 fitting, which guarantees a perfect ride.
  • Supports both Mitchell and 150mm & 100mm Bowl adapters.
  • Available in Bartrack Straight;Bartrack Curved; Bartrack Crane;Trackjack; TrussDollySystem;and TwinDolly.