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Sony's Digitial Motion Picture Center (DMPC) is a a truly amazing resource for local LA cinematographers or those visiting the LA area.  Recently Band Pro's Brett Gillespie sat down with Keith Vidger, Sony Business Development Manager - Digital Cinema Production, to learn more about the DMPC. 

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Keith Vidger, Sony Business Development Manager - Digital Cinema Production

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BP: Sony’s DMPC is located in Stage 7 on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City.  Can you talk about why it was created, and how it’s used?

KV: The DMPC was created in 2012 to help the industry transition to 4K and UHD technologies. At Sony, we use the term 4K and UHD to include not just spatial resolution, but High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Space as well. For example, when the F55 and F65 are recording “4K” they are also recording more than enough latitude for HDR and more color than Rec. 2020 specifies. So when you are shooting with the F55 and F65, you don’t have to sacrifice Resolution for HDR or give up Wide Color Space for Resolution; you get everything and as a result, make the best images possible. It’s concepts like these, and many others, that we help any member of the industry understand and embrace. But learning about technology is only part of what we do at the DMPC. We offer a variety of hands-on classes on Sony 4K cameras so that everyone from film school students to SOC award-winning operators can learn everything they need to know about using Sony’s products for their next student film or 200 million-dollar feature. Since the DMPC opened three years ago, over 2,000 people have come to experience and learn about 4K and UHD production. We have even had groups come to the DMPC from as far away as Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea and Mexico. To make our 4K classes as realistic as possible, we enjoy the support of the industry’s biggest manufactures. We have nearly a million dollars in equipment on loan from Adobe, AJA, Arista, Autoscript, Avid, Black Magic Design, Clear-Com, Emmerson, Filmlight, Fisher, Fujinon, Kinoflow, Mole-Richardson, O’Connor, Qumulo, Vinten and Sandisk. The DMPC may have one of the best addresses in town and the coolest technology around but, ultimately, everything we do is about helping people. Whether it’s an independent production, episodic television, or a big-budget feature, we love to help people bring their artistic vision to life with the best imaging technology.

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BP: What changes have you seen at DMPC since you first opened your doors?

KV: The benefits of 4K technology are being enjoyed by an ever-expanding market and so the DMPC is continually evolving to help the industry wherever we can. The DMPC’s course offerings now include HDR, Wide Color Space and UHD Live Production and we’ve expanded the 4K cameras we offer training on to include the FS7 and HDC-4300. We’ve taken the DMPC on the road to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, New York, Portland and Washington, D.C. In the coming months, we’ll put on shows in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Vancouver. As the DMPC’s popularity has grown, we’ve built a bigger standing set, a 4K webcasting studio and upgraded all of our 4K displays, including the BVM-X300 and the projection system in our screening room.

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BP: If a cinematographer wants to visit, what’s the best way to initiate that?

KV: Any member of the industry can call the DMPC’s Production Manager, Jaclynne Gentry, at (310) 244-6730 to schedule a visit to the DMPC. You can also reach Jaclynne via e-mail at

jaclynne gentry dmpc

Jaclynne Gentry, Sony DMPC Production Manager

BP: What new shows or features are being shot with Sony cameras?

KV: Sony makes a wide variety of 4K cameras and so there are a lot of different types of productions using our cameras. The F65 is currently being used on Disney’s sequel to Alice in Wonderland called Alice Through the Looking Glass and HBO’s Lewis and Clark. The F55 is shooting the MGM feature Barber Shop 3 and the new series The Player on NBC. The F5 is being used to shoot the new reality show Ex Isle for WE TV while the FS7 is shooting for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. That’s just a sampling of the different (and new) shows using Sony 4K cameras. There are of course scores of shows and features using Sony cameras at any given time.


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BP: Any upcoming announcements from Sony that you’re personally excited about?  Any hints on what we can expect by year end?

KV: While I can’t go into specifics about upcoming products, I can say that I’m incessantly excited about Sony’s commitment to 4K technology. The New Year is traditionally a time when Sony shows off amazing consumer technology at CES and just a few months later NAB will showcase Sony’s professional products. Both of those shows will reinforce Sony’s leadership in 4K technology.

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