Sony F65 Firmware Update V1.5

In the next week or so Sony will release a new firmware upgrade for their flagship F65 cameras. Below is a list of features that are included or improved with V1.5 firmware.


  • Improved Fan Control (low fan mode extended during recording)
  • Shutter motor now powers down completely when using electronic shutter

Recording & Playback

  • Instant playback without needing to reboot the SR-R4 recorder
  • SLOG2 for HDSDI output (which covers full 1300% of range instead of 900%)
  • SStP Recording (HD) at 440Mbps & 220Mbps compression (880Mbps will be available this summer)
  • RAW Lite (an alternative slightly more compressed RAW which gets 50 minutes of 24p at 512gig vs. 30 minutes for regular RAW)
  • HDSDI Embedded TC, Audio,· & Rec Trigger (RAW Mode only but SStP ability in early June)


  • Improvement of the viewfinder delay (now .5 frame faster)
  • Improved viewfinder Markers
  • Modified Aspect Ratios (fixed some issues found in early productions)
  • Variable Markers (also control of· thickness and brightness)


  • Fix for bug with the VCLX battery which caused 24v ports to shutdown at battery startup.


  • RPN detect at Power-on (RPN is a process that compensates for hot pixels. In addition to being able to run this manually, the camera will automatically perform the function at start up.

iPad App

  • New version of the F65Remote iPad app (V1.5) support camera firmware V1.5 and adds more Diagnosis info.
  • Improvements to iPad connection and interface (more status info)
  • iPad application type control now available via web interface of camera which will work with iPhone and Android phones/tablets (device must be capable of peer to peer connections or use an Access Point)

How to Upgrade

Contact the Band Pro Service Department at 818-841-9655 or to schedule a time to send your camera in for upgrade.