Sony F65 and SR-R4. V1.6 upgrade has been released.


Band Pro's dedicated service department is available to assist you with this upgrade.  Full details on V1.6 are provided below.

This update is only software with MemoryStick or SD.
Hardware modification is not needed.

As always, please read release notes completely before upgrading.

New Function
• 50P for RAW-SQ and RAW-Lite (F65/R4)
• HD 24P, HD S59.94P (F65/R4)
• Embedded TC/Audio/REC trigger in SDI at HD mode (F65)
• Color Marker selection in VF and SDI (F65)
• Small character selection in VF and SDI (F65)
• Mark In/Cue up function (R4)

Fixed Problems (summary)
• Timecode always resets after power on (R4)
• Cannot record F65RAW-Lite 29.97P on SRMemory 256GB S15 (R4)
• Other minor problems (See tech memo)

Known Problem
• Embedded audio muting (F65)
SDI embedded audio of F65 mutes at power on very rarely.
Please check SDI audio level after power on.
When audio mutes, power off and on again.

F65 Software

Please note you must update both the F65 and R4.