Sony's complete line of Projectors offer a solution for every projection need.  Take a moment to peruse the options and see for yourself (then contact your Band Pro Salesperson).  Not sure which one works best?  Try the 'installsimulator' to form fit your projection solution.  Links and complete details below.

The installsimulator for projectors:

Mobile projectors-
Ultra-Portable Projectors ideal for Field Sales Staff and other "On the Go" Professionals.

Affordable entry level business projectors – perfect for small to mid size classrooms and meeting rooms.

Short Throw-
Great space savers. Ideal for class rooms, meeting spaces, or any place where large image is required in a small project..

Premium Network Projectors -

Ideal for executive conference rooms, training centers and larger classrooms.

Larger Venue-
These workhorse projectors deliver bright, high quality images ideal for larger audiences - 65 to 150 seats

Projector Accessoires-