Sony SRW-9000Camcorder for life: New SRW-9000 shipping NOW at affordable price point and with future upgrade path

Launched at NAB 2009 as the next generation of digital 24P technology, Sony’s SRW-9000 combines the format’s renowned image quality with the versatility of a one-piece camcorder.

It ships from today for less than the popular HDCAM F900R as a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution camcorder using 2/3-inch CCDs and is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit recording as well as being configurable up to 4:4:4 in multi-frame rate from 1 to 60p.

Upgrade to 35mm PL mount
Within the industry, the SRW-9000 is recognized as the highest quality 2/3’’ camcorder on the market . Today, based on customer feedback and recognizing a market requirement for a 35mm PL mount ‘B’ camera to the prestigious F35, Sony is unveiling an upgrade path for the SRW-9000 to 35mm to further strengthen the flexibility the camcorder can provide.

The F35 will maintain its prestige position in the camera range with further refinements delivered to customers in the future. “When Sony’s SRW-9000 launched in April. It was undoubtedly a no-compromise product that is head and shoulders above anything else available. Today’s news sees us add to the momentum and interest around the product as well as reinforce its market leadership in terms of price, media and long-term investment potential,” explained Olivier Bovis, General Manager, Content Creation Group, Sony Professional.

Upgrade to Solid State SRMemory
While SR is already a file-based format, supporting data recording in 4k and DPX today, file-based recording continues to gain momentum and the move to non-linear acquisition is also becoming increasingly important. Therefore Sony is today committing to a future upgrade path to SRMemory for the SRW-9000.

Open and Efficient File-based Workflow with MXF and SR Lite
Since its introduction, HDCAM SR has established itself as a mainstay of post production. As HD programming has become more commonplace, so has the demand for higher video bit rates, higher frame rates, and greater format flexibility as well as workflow optimisation.

Across the SR range, Sony can deliver up to 1080/60P and 50P recording through the use of 880 Mb/s data rate and today introduced a next generation file transfer and storage technology.

Based on the open MPEG-4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile) codec together with an MXF wrapper, which ensures data remains compressed during transfer and enables an almost real time exchange over the GB Ethernet connection. SR Lite (220Mbps*) is available to provide more flexibility for the SStP file based workflow. HDCAM SR can now deliver increased workflow efficiency with a de-facto standard and open codec that is ideal for high end broadcast production. In addition, HDCAM tape can also be integrated into the MXF SStP file-based operation as the system is backward compatible.

In addition, using the benefit of SR compression the storage requirements are reduced to a quarter, so a compressed future 4k file has the same storage transfer characteristics as native 2k today.

These three transfer rates of 880Mbps, 440Mbps and 220Mbps will all be available in future products, but more importantly within the current SRW-5800 with some straightforward hardware updates.

Workflow Benefits with EDL data and colour correction using CDL files
To derive the greatest benefit from a Digital Cinema camera, every HDCAM SR cassette has a Telefile label built-in as contactless memory storage. This data can be used to generate an EDL that relates exactly to the actual shooting as an automatic logging system. Currently, Sony is working with the Filmlight Truelight box as an on, or near set first pass grading system. CDL files, an industry standard, are generated and will be recorded onto SR tape. Providing an automated EDL and CDL directly to the grading suite will tremendously speed up the process of a one light grade.

Delivery of new SR memory as media of the future
Sony’s technology will enable users to move to a revolutionary and unique Nonlinear Media. The new memory cards deliver transfer rates of up to 6Gbp/s and a native acquisition from 3D 1080p all the way up to 4k. Initially available in 250GB and 500GB, the storage reliably transfers data 9x faster than any other device!

Plans to deliver an upgrade path to SR memory on the existing SRW-9000 have been announced together with a memory adapter for the F35.

“We have unveiled the media of the future,” noted Sony’s Olivier Bovis. “There is nothing else capable of this level of quality native recording anywhere on the market today. Sony has extensive experience of taking customers from tape to file-based workflow. Today, we have shown the power of a total HDCAM SR solution as well as a future-proofed roadmap that offers a path to 4K and 3D native recording. It doesn’t get any better.”

HDCAM SR Tape -25% discount on Small SR Cassettes
The new HDCAM SR roadmap and the strong commitment to move to file base workflow will see SR tapes offer value at every point in the workflow from acquisition with the first SR tape camcorder, to archiving with further opportunities foreseen with upgrades to the SRW-5800 VTR.

While acquisition is moving to file-based working over time, archive solutions will remain tape-based. Combined with the new pricing policy delivered today, SR Tape remains the most robust and reliable option for archive and with the future upgrades to the SRW-5800 it will record content at twice real time.