Sony Announces NEW F5 / F55 firmware update v1.2 Major release

Sony has released Version 1.2 Firmware for the F5, F55, and AXS-R5 recorder. This is a major update and includes powerful functionality not previously available. Major features are listed below.

It is very important you read the release notes, and follow the instructions carefully. ALL RESET is required following the updates, and AXS-R5 recorder MUST also be updated to the latest version at the same time.

Do not operate the AXS-R5 with the v1.2 cameras unless it is updated to the latest version firmware.

For AXS-R5 recorder, you MUST update to v1.20 BEFORE you proceed with further updating. Latest firmware update for AXS-R5 recorder is v1.21

Please download the v1.20 firmware for the R5 recorder, install then proceed with the new firmware update.

Release Notes, Firmware downloads, and detailed Install Instructions are available by clicking this link.

Contact Band Pro's Service Department if you need assistance with this upgrade by calling 1-888-BANDPRO or send us an email here.

Major Features in this update:

- SR File format, 4:2:2 and RGB variants

- Camera ID + Reel # naming mode. SxS and RAW files

- USB Wirless LAN mode - Attaching the supplied USB wireless module, IFU-WLM3 to the camera. Smartphone, tablets connectivity via Wi Fi

- x1.3 Anamorphic support - Display image without distortion in the VF, and output image without distortion "4K/2K to HDConv" in the "Output Setting" of the Video Menu to "Anamo x1.3' or "Anamo x2"

- Various improvements and enhancements