S.two OB-1™ CERTIFIED for ALEXA and D-21

March 11, 2011 -- S.two is pleased to announce that all OB-1 on-board recorders have been certified by ARRI for ARRIRAW T-Link, now at v3.0. A simple software update provides full ARRIRAW recording support, real-time visualization, and playback. No hardware modification is necessary.

S.two was the first manufacturer certified for ARRIRAW T-Link in March 2008, and OB-1’s are in use around the world with ALEXA and D-21 in ARRIRAW. OB-1 supports sync timecode and remote stop-start from the camera head for full integration of an ARRIRAW/DTE 'dual record' workflow.

Easy to use uncompressed workflow, supporting all Alexa modes including high speed and dual-camera 3D, is completed with the S.two FlashDock. It features real-time playback of full raster ARRIRAW under edit control, high speed transfers of uncompressed ARC-compliant .ARI V3 files, and available archive to uncompressed LTO. S.two has become the worldwide leader in uncompressed recording and workflows with customers in 22 cuntries.

For more information about the S.two OB-1 and the rest of the S.two family of products, including where to rent them, click here.