S.two OB-1 Digital RecorderBand Pro Film & Digital is pleased to offer S.two’s innovative new product family that includes the OB-1™ on-board recorder with removable FlashMag™ solid-state magazines.

The OB-1 sets new standards for size, weight, power consumption, performance and flexibility in an uncompressed recorder, including support for 3D. It is designed to be mounted directly on new-generation digital film cameras such as Sony’s F23 and F35. The 8x5x4-inch unit weighs less than 6 pounds, records uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB from two cameras simultaneously, and requires less than 28 watts of camera power at 10 to 36VDC. The removable FlashMag media has a capacity of more than 30 minutes 4:4:4, incorporates multiple levels of internal redundancy, is hot-pluggable, and uses a connector rated for 100,000 insertions.

The FlashDock supports video and file-based data transfers by incorporating multiple video and computer interfaces, includes a color touch-screen monitor. It can operate on 100-240VAC or 22-30VDC without external adapters, making it suitable for both Field and Facility usage. An optional FlashDock Expansion Chassis supports multiple user-configurable peripheral devices such as LTO tape drives for completely self-contained backup and archival of data.

“We are enthusiastic about offering the innovative S.two technology to our clients. These pioneering products are the next step in tapeless recording. It is tomorrow’s technology ready to work today,” says Amnon Band founder and president Band Pro Film & Digital.

The OB-1 and FlashMag products are in current inventory at Band Pro for immediate delivery, and are supported by current S.two Corp docking stations in use at facilities around the world. FlashDock models will soon add to the population of supporting docking and transfer stations.