Try and Buy the Horseman TS-Pro Tilt and Shift Lens System

Horseman TS-Pro Tilt Shift Try and Buy OfferThe Offer
Band Pro is currently offering a Try & Buy program for our new Horseman TS-Pro tilt and shift lens system. For a limited time, customers across the continental United States can get the full TS-Pro kit delivered to their door for testing and evaluation free of charge.

The Horseman TS-Pro is a first of its kind affordable tilt and shift lens system for digital cinema cameras. By using a flexible bellows system that attaches between the camera and the lens, cinematographers can achieve unique looks and dynamic depth of field control that had previously required either specialty lenses or a much more expensive system. Selectively control focus and depth of field, create miniaturization effects, adjust perspective to straighten out architectural structures and other linear elements, or easily reframe shots without moving the camera, all in one compact, easy-to-use system.

The innovative design of the Horseman TS-Pro features interchangeable camera mounts and lens mounts, making a single system usable in a variety of combinations. For example, the system can be mounted directly on cameras with the following mounts: PL, Micro 4/3, Canon EOS and Nikon F. A wide variety of medium format and full frame lenses can also be used, such as: Hasselblad, Pentax 645, Mamiya 645, Canon EOS, Nikon F and M39 mount lenses.

The Details
Sign up using the email address below and we’ll send you the full TS-Pro Kit with all the camera and lens adapters and an 80mm Rodagon lens in a Pelican case and give you three days to run it through the paces, test it on your next job, and put it in real-world situations. (We will need to do an authorization for the amount on a credit card, but not charge it, prior to shipping.) If after three days you decide to return the TS-Pro, we’ll pay for the return shipment. If you fall in love with the TS-Pro and all the possibilities of tilt/shift that it can add to your cinematography, simply keep it and we’ll send you an invoice for the purchase.

How to sign up for the Try and Buy
If you would like to try out the Horseman TS-Pro for free, simply send us an email to with your name, phone number and what kind of camera(s) you plan to use it with. We’ll contact you to arrange the details.

For more information on the Horseman TS-Pro, including a video showing the products functionality, visit the product page here.