Effective: September 9th, 2011

Weisscam Unveils Working Prototype of the T-Cam at IBC 2011

MUNICH—At Cinec 2010, Weisscam inventor and CEO Stefan Weiss debuted the concept design for the remarkable T-Cam camera system. Then he exhibited it  at this year's Cine Gear Expo with Band Pro and introduced it to Hollywood. Weiss demonstrated a working model of the T-Cam for crowds at IBC 2011.

Weisscam T-Cam PrototypeDesigned to be small, simple and high performing, this is the camera that Weiss, himself a cinematographer, has always wanted. The camera on display, the T-1, features a 2/3” sensor, speeds from 1 -350 fps, 11 stops of dynamic range, and the option to record 12-bit RAW or 10-bit HD.

Weiss has designed the T-1 to meet three basic principles: Pure, Fast and Uncompressed. The settings are simplified to meet the needs of cinematographers: ASA, FPS, Shutter, Color Temperature, etc. The camera has been designed to perform equally well at normal speeds (23.98p, 25p) and high speeds (350 fps). And, allowing uncompressed capture helps to preserve the beauty of the image in post production.

“We are convinced that the best way to create a product is to shoot with your own product,” said Weiss, “and every person who works at Weisscam also shoots. We have never wanted to establish a sales channel, which is why a partnership with Band Pro and their strong sales experience on high end products is a win-win situation for us.”

Weisscam T-Cam Prototype at IBC 2011

A working prototype of the Weisscam T-1 as shown at IBC 2011. This camera had a 2/3" sensor and recorded 350 fps. The final version of the T-1 will have a B4 lens mount for sports and broadcast applications.

Weisscam T-Cam Prototype at IBC 2011

A second version of the camera will come with a PL lens mount (as shown here), but will feature a Super35mm sized 4K sensor. All other specification, including 1 - 350 fps, will remain the same between the two cameras.