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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • DSC Labs - Chart Families

DSC Labs- Chart Families


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Quick Overview

The DSC CamAlign family is broken down into four groups, each with their own distinct set of features and benefits. CamAlign charts are grouped according to the category of chart they fall into.


CamAlign™ is a very different kind of test chart designed to optimize the performance of today's HD/SD cameras.  Developed several years ago for the United States space program, CamAligns are now widely used in broadcasting and digital cinematography, worldwide.  CamAligns are extremely accurate, high dynamic range, test charts that combine precision with practicality.

With many patented tools and a user friendly layout, CamAligns have come to set the standard for HD camera setup and alignment.

The Benefits of the CamAlign Chart

  • Shoot richer-looking pictures and achieve optimal tonal reproduction.  CamAlign's unique smooth surface and wide dynamic range illuminates more consistently and provides true black levels typical of those in a scene.

  • Make shadows neutral, every time.  DSC patented DSC technology helps users reproduce grays faithfully through the entire tonal range, because every gray tone is designed to be spetrophotometrically neutral.

  • Match cameras quickly and easily to current ITU-R 709/SMPTE 274M Colorimetry.  All CamAligns Series charts (not EFP, FB and CB series) include calibration sheets, simulations and instructions.  Following good engineering practice, all DSC primary vector colors are at a saturation level lower than the 75% electronic color bar, but higher than typical real world colors.

  • Patterns include crossed grayscales, ITU-R BT.709 vector colors, skin tones, multibursts, hyperbolics, flare and monitor registration and backfocus - in various combinations.  4:3 or combined 16:9/4:3 models.

  • Make better looking images come rain or shine!   Treated with a clear protective laminate, CamAligns are virtually weather proof - ideal for location shooting.

  • Set up your CamAligns in seconds with CamStands.   Level and tilt charts instantly, using a standard 5/8" lamp stand - with innovative, fully-adjustable CamStand.

  • Protect your investment - tough, easy-care charts go everywhere you go.  CamAligns mounted on aircraft aluminum (1/16 in, 1.6mm thick), have protective flexible edging.  Dust and fingerprints wipe off quickly with a damp cloth.  Store and carry your charts in soft-sided CamFolders.

  • Prices are affordable, trade-in options attractive.  Ask about quantity discounts, and periodic trade show specials.  Trade in charts after one year, and receive a 15-30% discount on their replacements (discount depends on number traded in).

  • CamAlign charts are your environmentally friendly choice. Major components are recycled on trade-in.