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Monday, May 29, 2017
  • HORSEMAN TS-Pro Lens Tilt and Shift Lens Converter

Horseman TS-Pro Tilt and Shift Lens Converter

BP #: HS-TS-PRO-27001

Availability: Call for availability


Quick Overview

The Horseman TS-Pro is an easy-to-use and affordable lens tilt and shift system that allows the user to an incredible level of creative control over focus and perspective.


Band Pro announces that they are now the dealer for Horseman TS-Pro made in Japan by Komamura Corp. for the Americas, Europe and Israel. The Horseman TS-Pro allows DSLR and digital cinema camera users to creatively control depth-of-field and perspective distortion through lens tilt and shift, as well as lateral and rise/fall movements. Such movements allow the shooter to selectively focus on a small portion of the image while leaving the rest soft, create miniaturization effects, and correct or exaggerate perspective distortion.

The Horseman TS-Pro works by placing a flexible bellows between the lens and the camera body. The camera remains stationary while the TS-Pro allows the lens to be tilted up/down/left/right or shifted off-axis up/down/left/right. The bellows also allows the lens to move away from the camera creating a macro effect. For years still photographers have used similar techniques to create compelling and eye-catching imagery. With the TS-Pro, these same looks can be achieved with digital cinema cameras.

The TS-Pro from Horseman works with four different camera mount styles: PL, Micro 4/3, Canon EOS and Nikon F. With the TS-Pro’s interchangeable mount system, one main unit can work with many camera types by simply switching mounts. Similarly, the mount on the lens side is also interchangeable, allowing a range of lens options, including: PL, Canon EOS, Nikon F, Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Pentax 645 and M39.

Because the use of tilt-and-shift requires a larger than usual image circle in order to cover the entire sensor, the following camera/lens combinations are optimal.

● Digital cinema cameras (Super 35mm) + medium format camera lenses such as Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, and Rodagon 80mm or longer.
● Panasonic AG-AF100 (Micro 4/3) + digital SLR camera lenses, PL mount lenses, and Rodagon 50mm or longer.
● Digital SLR cameras + medium format camera lenses such as Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, and Rodagon 80mm or longer.

The introduction of the Horseman TS-Pro puts a powerful production tool in the hands of today’s cinematographers. Capturing such creative and dynamic shots has never been so flexible in configuration and so affordable for owner/operators and rental houses alike.