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Friday, January 20, 2017
  • JVC DT3D24G1 24" Compact 3D Video Monitor

JVC DT3D24G1 24" Compact 3D Video Monitor

BP #: JVC-DT3D24G1

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Quick Overview

The DT-3D24G1 is a compact 24” 3D monitor, ideal for use in editing suites, that provides a comfortable working environment with a range of significant production tools.


The DT-3D24G1 is a compact 24” 3D monitor, ideal for use in editing suites, that provides a comfortable working environment with a range of significant production tools.

Equipped with proven technology from the DT-V Series of monitors series – including an IPS panel, switchable colour space, high-resolution waveform and vectorscope – the new 3D monitor accepts and processes signals from dual camera systems, stereo-rigs and coded Side-by-Side and Line-by-Line 3D signals.

Uniquely, the monitor has a built-in 3D scale function that allows you to measure the amount of binocular disparity by pixels or percentage in real time. This is critical to broadcast delivery specifications, where they are very strict with positive and negative parameters.

The DT-3D24G1 features an Xpol Circular Polarising System, while a built-in mixer function enables 3D checking on location without the need for any additional equipment. The 3D production monitor can also be battery operated for true field use.

  • IPS Panel 1920 x 1080 X-Pol technology
  • 3G and Dual Link HDSDI Inputs
  • SMPTE 424M/425M/372 M
  • JVC 10 Bit Video Processing
  • Switchable colour space ITU709/Adobe
  • Waveform/Vectorscope
  • Supports LTC & VITC fade-in
  • Several gamma selection options
  • Several marker functions
  • Audio level display up to 12 channels
  • 3D swap, rotation and mirror function
  • Several 3D measurement markers with pixel and % display
  • Individual and encoded 3D Inputs
  • 24 volt DC supply possible
  • Built-in TBC (time base corrector)
  • Time Code difference display between Input 1 and Input 2

Rotation and mirror function
Rotation and mirror function via V and H for varied stereo-rig systems.

Dual Scope and Dual Time Code display
Dual Scope and Dual Time Code display with difference evaluation.

Stereoscopic measurement
The DT-3D24G1’s special feature is the possibility for measurement of 3D deepness and object distance.
The difference values can be displayed in percentages or pixels, by movable cursors.

Swap function
The fast reverse of input source from left to right can also be influenced.

Split function
The split function enables the control of the mechanical camera axis.

Other features:

3G/Dual Link HDSDI Inputs
1080p uncompressed digital video data with a maximum rate of 60 images per second, can be fed at 3GB per second with an HDSDI input. Dual Link is also available with both HD and SDI inputs.

Several gamma preset modes
The display includes several gamma field presets (2.2, 2.35, 2.45, 2.6) for all requirements.

The vectorscope allows for easy monitoring of colour shade and saturation in digital video signals. The colour shade and the colour saturation are ascertained and represented as vector information with a resolution of 254 x 254. Compatible with video, component, SDI (SD/HD), DVI input signals (except PC signals) and provides a dual option size as well as a selection of display positions and transparency functions.

Captures video, component (except RGB), SDI, DVI (except PC) luminance signals and displays them with a resolution of 360 x 254 for SD signals or 480 x 254 for HD signals. It is possible to perform tests of the colour signal level with a colour separation displayed on the screen for R/G/B, Y/Pb/Pr, Y/Cb/Cr. An adjustable colour ontrasting level control enables you to check the signal level. The displayed information can be changed to a dual size. In addition, a number of display positions and transparency functions are available.

Advanced audio level measurement
The channel number is displayed on every level bar. You can also check the status of the audio signal in relation to reference level/overdriving 0 dB, adjusted level and peak holding value.