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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  • Lentequip Safetap Connector
  • Lentequip Safetap Connector
  • Lentequip Safetap Connector
  • Lentequip Safetap Connector

Lentequip Safetap Connector (5-Pack)


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Quick Overview

Lentequip Safetap Connector - 5 Pack


Lentequip’s new SafeTap connector is a complete reinvention of the existing DTaps made by other manufacturers. Featuring the first ever computer controlled connector. Built-in intelligence monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage and short circuits so you'll never need to worry about damaging your expensive equipment due to any of these hazardous conditions! The reverse polarity monitoring alone will save rental houses and owner operators costly repairs with unnecessary downtime and lost revenue.
The SafeTap provides user feedback via its multicoloured LED. 8 amps (136W) continuous may be drawn from the connector. A sleep mode is activated at 10V, indicated by a blue light, to guard your battery against deep discharge. This feature prevents your costly power source from draining into the damaging extreme low voltage zone should you inadvertently leave a powered accessory unattended.
The SafeTap was also designed with easy and speedy assembly in mind. Knock-out sections on the left and right side of the housing allow for easy cable exit. Cable strain relief is accomplished via a simple yet effective tie wrap which resists considerable pull-out forces thanks to friction features built into the lower shell housing.


LED Color

  • Green: All systems are good and the input voltage is between 11-18V.
  • Fast Flashing Orange: Input voltage is above 18V.
  • Slow Flashing Orange: Input voltage is at or just below 11V, signaling a low battery.
  • Blue: Input voltage has fallen to 10V and below and the connector is in sleep mode.
  • Red: 8 amps of current limit have been exceeded.
  • Flashing Red: The SafeTap was accidentally plugged in backwards.


LED Color Output Indication

  • Green: Output is enabled.
  • Fast Flashing Orange: Output is disabled and must be power-cycled to below 18V to enable.
  • Slow Flashing Orange: Output is enabled, but altering the user there’s low voltage.
  • Blue: The Blue LED will stay on for five minutes to alert the user that it will disconnect itself from the battery. Output is disabled at this time. After the five minutes, the connector only draws 130 micro amps to prevent deep discharging.
  • Red: Output is immediately disabled.
  • Flashing Red: Output is never enabled.