When the Sony F65 cameras begin delivering in January it will come out of the box shooting 16-bit 4K RAW images; however, not all of the other recording options will be enabled. Those will roll out in the next few months as free firmware upgrades. So what should you expect and when should you expect it?

January 2012 Record 16-bit 4K RAW 1-60fps
February 2012 “Beta” version of HD recording using Sony’s SR codec at 880Mb/s or 440Mb/s at 4:4:4. Available frame rates of 23.98p / 24p / 25p / 29.97p.
April 2012 Full HD recording with addition of 220Mb/s and 4:2:2 option, as well as ramping from 1-60fps.
Summer 2012 High speed recording of 61-120fps for all recording options.


Check out the product page for the Sony F65.