Sony has released the V1.10 firmware upgrade for the Sony SR-PC4. This new upgrade enables some new features.

New Features:

1. F65RAW HD Monitoring: Viewing (*1) of F65RAW files is available.
···· Supporting system: 4,096 x 2,160 23P, 24P, 25P, 29P, 59P
···· (*1) An HD signal is created:
········· 1. down-converted into 2,048 x 1,080 from 4,096 x 2,160
········· 2. cropped into 1,920 x 1,080 from 2,048 x 1,080 (crop position can be selected in SR-PC4 GUI)

2. Partial Import:
···· Partial file import (*2) with IN/OUT entry is now supported.
···· (*2) a partial file import is only available for the files, which match to the present selected SYSTEM FORMAT.

3. 'CHUNK' Import:
···· When importing a large size file, such as an F65RAW long duration clip, you can split the files into several chunks, to fit into limitation of file size.
···· The "CHUNK" Configuration menu is added into IMPORT -> FILE SETUP

4. Attribute, Write Protect Editing:
···· File attribute or Write Protect status can be edited through SR-PC4 GUI. By viewing clip content on GUI or HD-SDI output, "OK" takes can be assigned, for instance.

The new software can be downloaded from this Sony website:

The full release notes from Sony explain the installation procedure*:

*Please note that Instruction #1 says the the USB needs to be formatted for PC. It can be formatted for MAC as well. Also, Instruction #4 says "PC browser," however, you can use a MAC or PC to interface with the SR-PC4 during the upgrade.